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Bonnie Kemske started writing for publication in 1998 when she wrote 'A Potter's Day' for Ceramic Review. To date she has published over twelve feature articles and over twenty reviews. In addition, she regularly contributes to publications such as exhibition catalogues.   


The Teabowl: East and West, a new book published by Bloomsbury in August 2017, presents the story of the iconic Japanese teabowl and its context, both in history and use. It then explores the many changes it has undergone as its been appropriated into the contemporary ceramics world. The book is told from Bonnie's personal perspective as a ceramicist and Tea student. 

Her PhD written thesis, 'Evoking Intimacy: Touch and the Thoughtful Body in Sculptural Ceramics' (the PhD thesis also includes a body of sculptural work) uses an emergent writing style as well as documentation to chronicle the development of her Cast Hugs, in both the studio and in theory. In addition, she has produced numerous academic papers and presentations for journals and conferences, including those in art, ceramics, art history, the science of touch, and the social sciences. She was Editor of Ceramic Review from 2010-2013. She has written reviews for Crafts, Ceramic Review, Ceramics: Art & Perception, The Art Newspaper, and other publications.